Mazi Sam is Wired To Lead – Nnadozie Victor

 Nigerian blogger, writter and activist has taken to his Facebook wall to commend the vehement of Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa in Nigeria presidency.

The blogger who goes by the name Nnadozie Victor took out time to disclose some of Mazi Sam achievements so far, in Nation building, community, commerce, business and industry, which has helped him ascertain large trunk of experiences.

Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa is ready and eager to take Nigeria to next level with the level of experiences he has acquired with the intention to curtail the trajectory state of the country.

In his post he said,

“Yesterday I was invited by Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, (OFR, MON, NPOM, FPSN) the president Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and the man whom by his power Arochukwu celebrated a 100years anniversary in remembrance of the British penetration in 1901.

Maazi Sam Ohuabunwa has been privileged to play many leadership roles in business, industry, commerce, community and Nation building. During this period he has accumulated a large stock of experience and learnt so much. Mazi Sam lays bare some of these experiences with the intention to curtail the trajectory of our country Nigeria.

After so much discussion with him,  I was convinced that if such person is given the opportunity to rule the country, he is going to boost the integrity of our country.

He emphasized mostly in Resource development and employment, integrity, corporate governance and corporate philanthropy. He spiced up his words with the work and relationship that builds corporate, communal, organisational and national cohesion and progress. He further more, emphasis on integrity, fear of God and other critical ethical values in discharge of leadership roles are cross cutting.

Mazi Sam, having authored many books, is a deeply passionate about actualizing a greater Nigeria. He is a concerned professional and a leader builder, he has deployed his resources to build up successful people from within and outside his nuclear family.

Mazi Sam is ready and willing to continue to make game changing contribution to the nation’s developmental architecture at the local and national levels.

There are thousands of truly brilliant and well meaning Nigerians who comment on national issues “ad nauseam”. But very few have taken time to clearly put on records, their experience and opinion, to guide the present and future generation.

After voluminous deliberations about the sorry state of our country Nigeria, he offered me two of his books, and made known to me his interest in Nigeria presidency.

Many Nigerians claim to be leadership material. Very few are really and truly wired to lead.

Mazi Sam is a bundle of experience, wire for leadership and not only that but switched on to lead, if only he is given the opportunity.”

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