Current President General Nzuko Aro Worldwide

Dozie Udensi The PG Nzuko Aro Worldwide

Mazi Nnadozie Udensi is the current president general of Nzuko Aro Mens Wing Worldwide, Mazi Dozie Udensi became the current Nzuko Aro Worldwide President after the scheduled Nzuko Aro General Election which held on April 16th, 2022 to enable the Nzuko Aro Mens Wing Worldwide to elect their executives leaders for the mens wing part of Nzuko Aro.

Mazi Nnadozie Udensi  has won his opponent Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu at the end of Election to emerge the current president of Nzuko Aro Worldwide Current President.

The election result has left some in doubt while others are jubilating while congratulating Mazi Nnadozie Udensi.

Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu is a native of Amannagwu Village from the Okwara Agwu Kindred while Mazi Nnadozie Udensi  is from Atani village of Okennachi Kindred.

After due consultation and scrutinization the above mentioned candidates were shortlisted and seen qualified to contest for the post of President General Nzuko Aro Mens Wing Election as luck has found Mazi Dozie.

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