Buhari approves increase in duty tour allowance for civil servants, ministers, others

An increase of duty tour allowances (DTAs) for government officials and workers has been approved by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Those who will benefit are Ministers, permanent secretaries and civil servants on grade level (GL) 1 to 17.

DTA is the money paid to appointees and graded staff in ministries when they embark on an official trip.


Ekpo Nta, head of the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission conveyed the presidential assent.

The circular announcing the approval said it took effect on September 1.

The breakdown: GL 01-04 and its equivalent – N10,000 per diem; GL 05-06 and its equivalent – N15,000; GL 07-10 and its equivalent – N17,500.

GL 12-13 and its equivalent – N20,000; GL 14-15 and its equivalent – N25,000; GL 16-17 and its equivalent – N37,500.

Permanent secretary and its equivalent – N70,000 per diem; Minister/SGF/HCSF and equivalent – N80,000 per diem.




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