Atani village often referred as Atani Mmawuru lies in the South West of Arochukwu Kingdom the heaquarter of Arochukwu Local Government In Abia state Nigeria.

Among the the three clans that made up the Arochukwu kingdom, atani village is in Amuze Clan and they are known as one of the prospering Village in the Kingdom. Atani village is sorrounded by other nearby by villages which includes,  Ugbo, isimkpu and Amukwa. Atani is one of the respected  nineteen villages that make up Arochukwu, because a lot of great men come from this village, People like, Alex Otti, Chikwe Udensi, Mazi Ike Okoronkwo  and many others. However, there are not more than nineteen (19)  villages that make up Arochukwu Kingdom. Also, there is a community in Anambra named Atani which is believed to be one of the Atani immigrants colonized the place.


The people of Atani village are known mostly with the hardworking pattern  of farming. They specialize in mass production of  palm oil and few in rice production. Also, other farm produce like cocoyam, cassava and vegetables etc. Notwithstanding, most of communities in south eastern state in Nigeia produce same farm product but different quantity.

Population of Atani Village

The population of Atani village is very big, starting from Atani Agbo to nde Elekwa. The Occupants are not more than 3,000. Most people living in Atani are aged people while most of the youth from this community based in the cities. The village king is Eze Charles Kanu (Eze Ogo of Atani). While the supreme king of Arochukwu Kingdom is HRM. Mazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro (Eze Aro) his throne is situated in Oro village Arochukwu, the village that has been constituted the Eze Aro village and it is one of the 19 villages in the Kingdom. He takes chargeof all the issues in Arochukwu. People from other town and village visit this village for one or two reason best known to them.


Festival and culture in Atani Mmawuru are as follows,

The indigenes of Atani village are from amuze clan. Notwithstanding, the people of Atani village indulge in the Arochukwu yearly yam festival known as Ikeji Aro, And also other cultural activities, that is celebrated annually. The ikeji yam festival usaully take place every September as the grand finale is at Amaikpe Obinkita where all other villages will come and showcase one cultural display. The Ikeji yam festival last for about 3 weeks to celebrate the end of the year. The festival attracts both visitors and residence of the kingdom from diaspora. Although this festival is celebrated in the nineteen (19) villages of the Kingdom. It facilitates unity among the people and brings old time friends together. There is a special masquerade called “Ekpo” in this community. The masquerade is not common in any other Igbo land except in Akwa Ibom. There is also the youth football match which most of the Atani indigens are the core hosters. The football competion is very interesting and amazing.

Names of some villages in Arochukwu Kingdom


Notwithstanding, this is a list of villages in this kingdom, but it is not a complete list of the nineteen (19) villages. There are many other villages that make up the Kingdom.

Amuze Division














Imearo Division









Languages spoken in Atani Village

The people of Atani speak Igbo language just like other villages in Aro Speak but with some differences to how the ime Aro division speak. For Example, The People of Amasu speak “Aga a” (Like this) while the people of Atani speak “Otua”. They also refer “Ovo” (Soup) as “Ofe” and many other differences from the pure Aro dialect.

 Except for visitors who may also speak their native language, for instance, the Atani residence who are Akwa Ibom  speaks their Ibibio dialect.  Moreover, the English language is the official language in Nigeria, which is regarded as the language of Communication.

Religion of Atani

Atani citizens are mostly Christian. They go to St. Philips Presbyterian Church of Nigeria and Assemblies of God. Notwithstanding, there are few traditionalist living here. It is a peaceful land. Also the Village records a low crime rate.

Food  often eaten in Atani Village Arochukwu

Although, the people of Atani village eat the other consumable Igbo food. However, there is no recognized food to talk about, but there is this special delicacy often eaten by the Atani People, the Nsala, Okazi and Oha soup is the often cooked soup in the village. Atani has a way of making you feel at home so. Also, they are good chefs in the village.

Infrastructure and Social Amenities in Atani Village Arochukwu

There are hotels in this village, such as Accord Suite and Gardens, Also with pipe borne water and electricity. There are schools in Atani village. The Indigenes live a free and happy life. Moreover, there is a well constructed road in this village. This is really good as people find it very easy to link up with the Village. The community wish to enjoy 24 hours power supply. Although, we know that this will be hard to get for now. We look out for a better power supply in Atani. Few years from now.




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