E Don Cast – Man Reveals Why Many Boys Are Abandoning Their Benz At Mechanic Workshop.

 E Don Cast – Man Reveals Why Many Boys Are Abandoning Their Benz At Mechanic Workshop

A video of showing abandoned Mercedes Benz automobile driven by young boys in Nigeria has surfaced on social media.

In the video, no fewer than seven Mercedes Benz were visible being left unattended at a service shop.

He explained that the guys’ failure to maintain their exotic automobiles with mechanics led to their abandonment.

He claims that “Canada and US don cast,” which implies that Benz owners are having trouble finding car parts because some are pricey owing to the naira’s declining value versus the dollar and others are difficult to locate.

In reaction, onyinye_bakee; Buy car wey maintenance cheap so far u fit reach where u dey go them no go hear

onyinye_bakee; Them no no before and them can drive rough.

afrodancefreak_kaycee; Their mind go dey…. Pressure too much 😂

wendy_adamma; You dey buy motor you get money for maintenance?

_aniscooser; Only them know the reasons why they abandoned those cars there.

sowhmi; No be to buy benz. You fit maintain am? 😁

prankhottie; No be to buy car you get money to maintain am. May God help us this country sef

wendy_adamma; Nah who don chop belleful Dey buy motor

misschidel; Sapa na ur mate😂😂😂


moyamilia; God Abeg oh , may We not go from Grace to grass 🙏🏽

missy_osas; Hmm why buy a car you can’t maintain, benz is not beans small thing that get spoilt you would pay through your noss to repair it

lovelyzeeny; Lol, them never cash out yet

_somebodys1stson; When money miss road this is usually the result lol

iamstanlouis; Benz or nothing no fit change gear box wey spoil 😂😂

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  1. This one din choke them… Na to join others do wetin dey do….na problem now to maintain the car😁😁

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