The meaning of Okpanko

  Okpankpo is an institution made up of well cultured and mannerd and matured men in Arochukwu, dedicated to education, public service, culture or the care of the destitute. In Arochukwu the major work of the okpanko people is decision making, they are the ones who finalizes issue after much deliberations, they are the ones … Read more

The Meaning of Aria Nzu in Arochukwu

  Okwa Nzu Ari Nzu or okwa nzu is a native formed plate made of wood,  have geometric ornamentation, especially on their outer rims and the removable pepper-lid, thereby implying an ancestral presence. This visual resemblance, however, may be by chance or out of fortunate rather than intentional. These bowls are carved in heavy (male) … Read more

Nigeria Army Invades Arochukwu

The Nigerian Army was captured parading them selves in Arochukwu today, it was around 1: 20 pm when I got a call from the home branch Nzuko Aro president informing me about this of which i left my house immediately to go and capture them at Amannagwu round about, where they stayed for a while … Read more